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Signed Agreements (2021-2022)

Return-to-school (2020-2021)

GTA-proposed Distance Learning Schedules (Aug. 6, 2020)

The Glendale Teachers Association is a vital voice in the GUSD community. We encourage all members to communicate concerns to the elected members of the GUSD School Board. We are pleased to have secured agreement on compensation for summer programs in 2021 as well as compensation for PD for 2021-22 school year. Our bargaining team's focus now is on the reopeners for the Collective Bargaining Agreement, including securing a fair wage increase.

Our current focus is on reaching agreement on a fair wage increase for our members. With the constantly evolving pandemic, we are keenly aware of our members' concerns over the health and safety of their students, themselves, and their families, and for the increased work load created by GUSD mandates. GTA leadership will continue to advocate for working conditions which best address these concerns while ensuring we are able to teach in a manner that is most effective and safe during these conditions.

Ongoing contract negotiations result in better working conditions, fair compensation, and greater educator voice.

The results of the most recently ended contract talks in 2020 resulted in the following:

Article 13: Wages


Appendix E: Extracurriculars

Side Letter of Agreement re: Parent Portal

Itinerant Teacher Side Letter

Article 18: PAR

Article 10: Maternity Leave

Appendix H: EEELP (186 days)

Appendix G: EEELP (225 days)

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