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2023 Board of Directors Elections 

2023 BOD Elections Timeline

The views and opinions expressed in any candidate flier are those of the candidate and not necessarily those of the unit, CTA, NEA, or any of its affiliates.

Board of Directors Candidacy Statements 


Tom Lewis – Mann Elementary School:

Whether you are a staunch conservative, the most progressive of liberals or you find yourself somewhere in the middle, there is one perspective that UNITES us all. WE need to be respected as professionals that deserve a salary and benefit package commensurate with our distinguished education and time WE put into achieving it. I seek a union where no one feels silenced. A union that is open, transparent and hears all voices; even those who may dissent from the majority. A union that not only educates students but the Glendale community as well about the issues surrounding education.

Taline Arsenian – Glendale High School


I am a proud educator, union activist, and single mother of Keppel-Toll-Hoover alumni daughters. For over two decades, I have been a teacher committed to my students and equally committed to my colleagues through elected positions in GTA/CTA/NEA union advocacy – most notably as the past GTA president (2015-2021). I am prepared to lead GTA the first day I take office. I have extensive knowledge of our Contract and school finance/budget.  I have built allies within the Glendale/LaCrescenta communities who will stand with us as we continue to demand fair compensation, representation, and respect from district leaders.

Vice President

Emily Rogers – Hoover High School:

My name is Emily Rogers, and I would like to continue to serve as Vice President of the Glendale Teachers Association next year. I’ve been teaching in GUSD for over 22 years. Serving as GTA's VP and chair of the Health Benefits, Organizing, and PAC committees and Special Education Advisory Group has given me valuable experience this year. I'd love to use the experience I have gained this year to help our organizing and member solidarity grow even stronger to improve our ability to negotiate for better working conditions, wages, and benefits. I would be honored to serve as your Vice President.


Pam Gorsuch – Balboa Elementary School:

I’m Pam Gorsuch, and I’m running for secretary. I have been teaching in Glendale for over 34 years. I have had the privilege of working with teachers from Horace Mann, Edison, Marshall, and Balboa. I have been actively involved in GTA since 1988 and have also been a GTA rep at Balboa for 10 years.  With all my years of experience, I’m confident that I will be able to fulfill all the duties of secretary and of being a board member. I care deeply about teachers and students and will help make decisions that are fair and reasonable for everyone. 

High School Area Director - South

Laura Kellogg - Glendale High School:


I’ve been doing this job for the last two years and during that time have worked hard to make sure that the members of both my sites are being listened to and heard. I’d like to continue to do my part to keep out union strong.

Middle School Area Director

Paula “Polly” Jackson - Wilson Middle School:

Hello, my name is Polly Jackson and I am running for middle school director. I have been teaching mathematics for 19 years, 15 with GUSD. I have been a middle school teacher throughout the entirety of my career. I am passionate about issues that face middle school educators. Being in the “middle” can be a challenge; however as middle school teachers we are here to help students make the great transition to high school from elementary school. I am excited to work with GTA to continue to play an important role in protecting rights of teachers, especially in the current climate.

Elementary Area Director (Hoover Cluster)

Rosemarie McCabe - Edison Elementary School:

I have been a teacher for more than thirty years, 24 of those at Glendale Unified. I’ve been a GTA Rep. for almost half of those years. This will be my third term as Hoover Cluster Area Director. It is my honor and my pleasure to serve GTA. I believe Glendale Educators are an excellent group of hard-working teachers who want their best for our students and our community and I feel fortunate to be a part of that group. I enjoy getting to know members when we do site visits or you call or email me with questions and concerns about our contract. I also enjoy serving on the Organizing Committee which I plan to continue. I hope you - members of Balboa, Jefferson, Edison, Columbus, Keppel and Franklin will vote for me for another two years.

CTA State Council 

Arturo Velasquez – Fremont Elementary

My name is Arturo Velasquez, I am a second grade teacher at Fremont elementary and I’d like to represent you as CTA rep for GTA. I’d like to use my experience in union organizing to help further GUSD teachers’ cause to improve better conditions. I’ve had experience in door to door campaigns, a shop steward in SEIU 99, and now as an alternate GTA rep. Thank you in advance for considering me for this position.


Andrea Reuter –Edison Elementary:

Andrea Reuter has served several years as one of the site reps at Edison Elementary. Additionally, she has served several years on the GTA organizing committee. She helped to lead marches and protests during GTA’s recent struggle for a fair contract. In her spare time, she regularly volunteers with local grassroots political organizations attending meetings, canvassing voters and phone banking. She enjoys talking to people about issues that impact their lives. Andrea would like to serve as one of GTA’s representatives on the CTA State Council so that she can take part in helping to shape state legislation that affects the quality of CA schools, and ultimately Glendale schools. Due to her interest in politics, she will enjoy delving deeper into educational policy and legislation. Andrea will do her best to grow professionally and share any knowledge gained with the GTA.

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